On Demand - Professional/Consulting/Education Services Courses

RTM Consulting, Inc.


Course Description:

Succeeding as a Consultant can be challenging. Most companies invest a lot of time, money and effort on training their consultants on products and technology. But do they really know how to: effectively prepare for their consulting assignment, work as part of a project team, engage with a client, build strong relationships, diagnose and solve problems, manage client expectations, and communicate effectively – the fundamental skills every consultant needs. This course is designed to provide foundational competency development for consultants.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce the field of consulting and understand what it means to be a consultant
  • Understand the nature of a consulting assignment and how to prepare for it
  • Review the dynamics of working within a project team
  • Discuss the essential elements of being a successful consultant with a strong focus on communications
  • Learn the keys to better managing customer expectations
  • Learn how to take charge of your career as a consultant

 Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone starting their career as a Consultant or making a change into the field of consulting
  • Professional services technologists who need to learn the fundamentals of consulting
  • Consultants wanting/needing a refresher on the fundamentals of effective consulting